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ICT Services to the Gaming Industry

Co-location Services

Servers generally have to be located locally for Malta gaming licensees, thus Clavis will support the client in one of the most important elements - choosing a collocation provider with state of the art technology facilities. The MGA has strict rules for Server administration and some of the rules are as follows:

  • Central redundant UPS’s
  • Dedicated redundant backup generators
  • Fire suppression system
  • Control access system – Proximity, biometric or keypad systems
  • Burglar alarm
  • Redundant bandwidth connection

Clavis can advise in choosing the appropriate ISP or co-location with high level features which include: raised floor environment providing proper air flow and cooling, and adequate distribution of cables. Clavis will search for the best rack space solutions available in Malta, solutions which are tailor-made according to the customer requirements.

Hardware Procurement and Installation

The operator will require servers for hosting web servers, application servers, database server, network storage and other components related to security. These servers will be tagged/sealed and the MGA will have the right of inspection.

Clavis will help the customer in choosing the right equipment with the best prices and can take care of the physical installation of such equipment. Some of the services Clavis can offer are as follows:

  • Procurement of hardware – Servers, Network Storages, firewalls, etc
  • Physical installation of hardware at the co-location
  • Obtain best SLA’s on the island
  • Software installations – deployment of operating systems (Linux and Microsoft) before deploying on the internet
  • Firewall setups and VPNs for the licensee IT staff to connect remotely
  • Backup solutions
  • Office domain setups – including Domain Controllers, Mail servers, Anti-Virus systems, etc
  • Virtualisation


Clavis will help its customers to design layout and manage the installation of all the critical technology within the co-location facility. We will plan for the space layout and racking system, cable management and network design.

Clavis is very serious and cautious about security, and will assist the customers in reducing risks related to hacking, denial of service, loss of confidential data and GDPR compliance.

Payment Gateway Services

Operators acting in the Maltese jurisdiction will require the ability to accept online payments. Clavis can advise in choosing payment gateways which provide safe, accurate and efficient online transaction processing.

Clavis’ partner offers a standard fraud screening which can easily and effectively stop a high percentage of online fraud. Clavis will make sure that the payment gateway provider partner is fully PCI Compliant, thus providing our customer a faster implementation and a more secure payment route.

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ICT Services to the Gaming Industry

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